Now You Can Take Your Funnel Design Digital!
What is This All About?
Funnel Art are a collection of graphics and images covering various steps of online sales funnels. You can use these graphics to brainstorm your own funnels in a digital way. Meaning you can plan and create funnels in Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, etc. Wherever you can put and use graphics you can plan and create your funnel with Funnel Art!

This Funnel Art package is a perfect compliment to ClickFunnels' "Funnel Graffiti" product.

As you probably know Funnel Graffiti only comes with reusable sticker graphics and NOT anything you can use digitally.

That's why we created Funnel Art!

We have modeled the same graphics found in Funnel Graffiti and had our professional graphics designer create his own version of them in easy-to-use .PNG images. You can use these in any graphics editor, PowerPoint, Word, on your website, videos, etc.

PLUS: When you scroll down you'll see you also get the editable layered files in PSD and SVG (Vector) formats too!

Here's a small sampling of what you'll get...
You Get a HUGE Set of Over 35 Funnel Graphics... Size: 3333 x 2500!
Use These Anywhere You Use Graphics!
But Wait! There's Even More...
Get All The Funnel Art Graphics in Editable PSD (Photoshop) and SVG (Vector) Formats... Plus 15 Pre-Designed Funnels in PowerPoint!
That's right. Not only do you get all thirty-six funnel graphics in PNG files but you'll also get them in editable files like layered PSD and SVG (vector) formats.

That means you can edit these graphics however you like to meet your needs. And you can use any graphic editor that reads these formats, like Photoshop, Gimp, Graphic, etc. Or you can hire someone on or to get them edited on the cheap.
What You'll Be Able to Do With All This Goodness...
You get all the Funnel Art graphics in the following formats: .psd, .svg and PowerPoint to use however you want. Things like:
  • Brainstorm Your Funnels: Some of our best ideas come when we are simply sitting down and throwing ideas together.
  • Videos: Along with all the different video types you can use the SVG images to create killer Whiteboard aka Hand Drawn videos like the ones you've seen on our sales pages!
  • PowerPoints: Being able to use a program like PowerPoint to help illustrate our funnel ideas is hugely powerful.
  • Websites: Use the PNG files on your website to help describe your idea in a simple way.
  • Documents: Use the PNG files to help illustrate your ideas and what you're trying to accomplish
  • PDFs: Enhance your PDFs with strong graphics
  • SVGs: Customize and create your own funnel graphics and save them as your own PNG files!
  • ​Anywhere else you use graphics you can use these!
You'll get these graphics in both .psd and .svg formats which means you have full control to edit them however you see fit. And you can do that in any graphics editor that can read those files. This benefit alone is worth 10x the total investment of this package.
Why This is a Must-Have
For marketers like us, leverage and flexibility is critically important. It means we're in control.

Being able to have the source files to the entire catalog of Funnel Art means you can change, tweak, add, remove, etc. to each and every image.

In short, you can do whatever you need or want to to these graphics. Be able to create the exact funnels you need, when you need them!
What You Get
You get all 36 Funnel Art graphics in the following formats: .png, .psd, .svg and PowerPoint.
PNG Format
The first set of funnel graphics you get are in .PNG format.

They come in two different types. One is with a transparent background and the second is with a white background.

This provides you with tremendous flexibility to use these graphics any way you want.
PSD Format
One format of the graphics you will get is called .PSD. These are most commonly referred to as Photoshop images because that's where they originated. 

However, you can use and edit these .psd files with ANY graphics editor that can read them.

The come "layered" which means you can edit every single element of the graphic!
SVG Format
The second format are .svg also know as vector graphics. Again, these are most commonly used with Adobe Illustrator, however, you can use them with ANY graphics editor that can read them.

These images also come in a layered structure so you edit every element.

The biggest benefit of vector graphics is that you can make them ANY SIZE without losing quality. Meaning you can use them for anything!
PowerPoint Funnels
To give you a headstart we created fifteen (15) of the most common funnels in PowerPoint.

This allows you to use them as-is or change/tweak them as needed.

You can also add to it with your own funnels!
*** Special Instant Upgrade (Optional) ***
- Private Label Rights -
Get This Entire Product and Funnel to Sell As Your Own and Keep All the Profits!!
What Are Private Label Rights?
In short, Private Label Rights - aka PLR - means you have the right to resell this entire product - just like you've seen it here on this page - to anyone you wish.

NOTE: PLR includes "Personal Use Rights" only. Meaning you will not have the rights to sell or pass along the PLR rights to the people you sell this package too. BUT you can sell the Personal Use Rights to your customers - all the graphics in .png, .psd, .svg and PowerPoint funnels - and keep all the profits yourself!

This is an INSTANT PROFIT CENTER for your business. Sell this product and keep 100% of the profits!

You own this product just like if you created everything yourself!
What You'll Get
You get all the SOURCE files to everything!

Plus the entire sales funnel.

That means you can edit, change, tweak, do whatever you want to make it your own.
All videos come in both USA and UK voice overs!
Complete Pre-Made Sales Funnel
Not only do you get all of the source files you also get the exact sales pages, graphics, video, copy, etc we use to sell this package!

The two videos you see on this page come in both USA and UK voice overs!!

The sales pages/funnel comes in two formats: Clickfunnels and HTML5.

We use ClickFunnels for ALL of our sales funnels and sites. If you're not familar with ClickFunnels you can check it out and get a free 14-day trial by clicking here.

For people that do not use CF we have given you the entire sales funnel in HTML5. That means you can easily upload it to any webhost.

What about WordPress users?? You can easily create your own sales pages in whatever WordPress theme you use and then copy and paste all of our sales copy, upload images, etc. and create your own unique sales funnel!
IMPORTANT: Please Read Before Purchasing
It's very important to understand that the ONLY way you can resell any of these graphics is to invest in the PLR Option. If you invest in the other option you must remember that is for Personal Use only!

All sales are final. There are no refunds. You know what you're getting so if you plan on refunding please do not place your order.

RESTRICTIONS: What Can't You Do With These Materials?
  • ​To protect the value of this product, you may NOT pass on the rights - resale, PLR or otherwise - to your customers. This means that your customers may not have the PLR rights or resell rights passed on to them.
  • ​You will receive this Sales page of the funnel and a Thank You/Download page. It will inlcude all copy, content and graphics. BUT it will only have an option to purchase Personal Rights of this product. If you want to sell PLR to this product then please apply to be our affiliate by clicking here.
  • ​You may not mention Drew Laughlin or Funnel Art as the author or creator of these graphics in any way in your marketing, development of products or usage of these materials.
  •   You do NOT have the right to use our logo or name, "Funnel Art". You must come up with your own unique name and logo.
  • ​You are not permitted to give the paid parts of this package (the editable psd and svg graphics or PowerPoint slide(s)) away in their current state for free - they must be sold for a minimum of $17.00.
  • ​Drew Laughlin and/or Funnel Art reserves the right to make final decisions on any usage of PLR content purchased from this site that is not specifically addressed in these terms and his decision is final. In short, if we find you're violating what we've outlined you will be banned and necessary actions will be taken to ensure all rights are followed.
If you agree to the above and are ready to have your own Instant Profit Center for your business then buy it now because it won't last forever...
  • PNG Files: 36 Funnel Graphic Images in PNG files
  • PSD Files: 36 Funnel Graphic Images in layered PSD files
  • SVG Files: 36 Funnel Graphic Images in layered SVG files
  • PowerPoint: 15 Pre-made Funnels
You May NOT Sell This Pacakge
ONLY $97 ...
* One-Payment Only and Get Instant Access
  • PNG Files: 36 Funnel Graphic Images in PNG files
  • PSD Files: 36 Funnel Graphic Images in layered PSD files
  • SVG Files: 36 Funnel Graphic Images in layered SVG files
  • PowerPoint: 15 Pre-made Funnels
  • Sales Funnel: In Clickfunnels and HTML5
You MAY Sell This Pacakge
ONLY $297 ...
Sell only 4 and you make your investment back!
* One-Payment Only and Get Instant Access
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a refund guarantee?
NO! We put too much effort and money into these graphics and the PowerPoint presentation to offer any sort of refund guarantee. We hate people that buy something only to ask for a refund an hour later. We have one of the best reputations in the IM industry of producing world-class products at very reasonable prices. If that isn't good enough for you, no worries. Just don't buy this product.
What is PLR?
With PLR (Private Label Rights) you can sell this package of graphics as if you were the creater and you keep 100% of the profits. There are NO limits on who you can sell this too.

The only limits are you can NOT use our name or logo, you can NOT pass on PLR to your customers and you MUST SELL the OTO for at least $17.00 or more.
How and When will I get access?
After you complete your purchase you will get immediate access to the private member's area where you can download your product. We use an automated system and you will be sent an email to the email address used at the time of purchase. Some email providers block our emails or send them to junk mail so be sure to check your Junk mail and Spam folders.
What if I have questions?
Everything is included in your purchase as described on this page. But if you have product specific questions you may ask them at:

This site is also listed inside your downloads and the private members area.
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